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BMX fun 2017


British Bulldog

Fun with my friends 2017

Broken Peak

Sea-Doo Spark



Sea-Doo Spark


Peter Eccles Fitness


Sea-Doo X-Team

Chicago 2016

AquaX Chicago 2016

KTM 2018 Bikes

Sea-Doo Spark

Sea-Doo Spark racing Australia 2017

Duck Smart

AquaX 2015

MX Fun with Katy Bullock

AquaX 2015

Flyig high at AquaX 2016

Team support at AquaX 2016

Anya Crop Tops

AquaX 2015 riding for SeaDoo XTeam

Motocross 2016

AquaX 2015 riding for SeaDoo XTeam

AquaX 2015 riding for SeaDoo XTeam

Hydro Turf 2016

Big thanks again to Hydro Turf

AquaX 2015 riding for SeaDoo XTeam

AquaX 2015 riding for SeaDoo XTeam

Duck Smart

Looking forward to another year with Duck Smart cleaning Products

Airoh Helmet

Supplied by Malcolm Rathmell Sports Ltd

Rip N Rolls Goggles

Rip N Rolls Goggles


Every champion was once a contender
who refused to give up
Rocky Balboa


British, European
and World Champion
Racing jet skis's
against the guys!

About Anya

How old is Anya?


What's Anya's main hobby?
Jet Ski racing
What other hobbies does Anya have?

H2O Leisure Group have just recently introduced Anya to the sport of JetSurfing, which she has started training hard on and getting ready to take part in the Motosurf World Cup.

At any available spare time Anya can be found on her Motocross bike.

Anya also loves snowboarding holidays, Mountain biking, wake boarding, go karting & anything extreme or with an engine.

What is Anya's fitness regime?

Anya now trains with Elite Training. Peter Eccles the owner and personal trainer at elite training works with Anya 3 days a week in one to one sessions working to improve Anya’s strength, endurance & overall fitness for racing. Peters work doesn’t stop there, he also creates tailored nutrition plans throughout Anya’s training. Being physically fit not only improves your racing endurance it also improves your confidence & mind set, so Anya & Peter teamed up to make 2016 Anya’s strongest year against the men.

To find out more about Elite Training like their Facebook page or contact Peter Eccles on - 07917897117  

How did Anya get into Jet Ski racing?
I just rode them for fun from the age of 5 with friends & family until I went to watch a European race while on holiday in Portugal in 2004, it was definitely love at first sight. After some persuading I managed to get my parents to let me give it a go. So in the very cold winter months of 2005 I took part in my very first race, I instantly loved it and have never looked back.
How long has Anya been racing?

Anya began racing Stand Up jet ski's in the winter of 2004. At the end of the 2012 season Anya announced after 8 years she would no longer continue racing the stand up jet ski's. At the beginning of 2013 Anya became the Offical rider for the UK AqauX series, this is where the sit down career started for Anya. In 2014 Team Kawasaki asked Anya to race in the USA AquaX Series then for the 2015 season Anya became a Sea-Doo X-Team rider and has been on the Sea-Doo Team ever since.

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Daytona Beach - April 2014

Just a little video I put together from the first round of the P1 AquaX USA Champsionship

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