Force Field Body Armour are onboard for the 2016 season. I actually ran with their back protector all through the 2015 season and found it so comfortable to wear on the water as well as such awesome technology behind the material I felt so safe. Force Field are the market leaders in soft armour technology. They design their body armour so that it is flexible, moulds to the users body, and so comfotable. Please check out their products as protection is so important...

Burn Industries are an awesome wetsuit company. There designs are funky and very different, the bright yellow stands out from the crowd and looks awesome with my Sea Doo. I'de like to say a massive thank you to the Burn Industries guys for supplying me with a really cool wetsuit and life jacket. Please contact myself if you would like any Burn Industries gear or visit their website...

Thank you so much to the team at DropNThrottle clothing for keeping me looking fresh with such great clothing. I would recomment them for their high quality but low prices. I have the T-shirts, vest, hoodies, snapbacks & recently just had delivery of the new joggers which i'm a massive fan of. I really do love the comfort of the DNT clothing especially for riding BMX, mountain bikes, snowboarding & days at the track!

Their range is constantly growing & changing to create new looks and styles. So to keep upto date with all their new products and whos wearing this cool brand... follow their instagram - @dropnthrottle and also their website

Airoh information to follow.

Peter from P.E.F has honeslty been amazing. Peter has always had faith in me to become the best at what I do & bring my strength/ fitness upto the level of the guys im racing against. Peter has trained specific areas that suit my racing, style and the weaknesses I suffered were worked on. Peter works hard to be the right trainer for your needs and he changes his style for every single individual to get the best results to suit his client.

Visit peter on...

instagram - @peterecclesfitness

FB - Peter Eccles Fitness   

Sea Doo information to follow.

All this awesome website design is down to James at 219 Design. James has helped me develop & create a new look for my site for a few years now.

Each year 219Design come up with a great new style & cool effect I want to promote the sport and all my amazing sponsors that make this all possible.

If you’re wanting to create that fab new look for your website get in touch with the guys

Just want to start by saying WOW these products smell amazing. Duck Smart provide me with awesome cleaning products for my Jet Ski to wash all the Salt water stains, dirt, rain & any other marks straight off my ski with a great smell to it.

They also provide Helmet cleaner to keep my pink helmet & Pic – A – Sqaures on looking fresh & glistening. Kit cleaner, Wagon wash, Sniki clean & Bike cleaner are also available!

Thank you so much guys, you really are a great help to me. For more info on Duck Smart please visit

Thanks to Hydro Turf for all their amazing support. The team are running some cool looking ski’s this year with real trick matts & seat covers all thanks to Hydro Turf.

The seat covers along with the stylish & colour coordinated mats are great for providing the grip we need for holding onto the ski in the rough conditions we face on the AquaX tour.

They offer a wide variety of products for Jet Ski’s, Bike’s & Boats too… Check out their website at 

Rip N Roll goggles have been and are such a huge help, they have supported me for a few years and each year continue giving the fantastic support needed.

Rip N Roll also created new lenses for Jet ski riders to help stop the lenses steaming up which we suffer with more than most other sports, the modified lenses proved to be a great help.

Thank you for everything you have done for me RNR team, it’s amazing to have such support from a fantastic brand. The goggle team constantly work very hard to create new designs, colours & styles throughout the year so there are a pair of goggles to suit everyone’s taste.

If you want a pair of these goggles please visit